Maple Syrup Educational Seminars

In a maple syrup seminar Don tells the legend of how people first “discovered” maple syrup and how sap has been collected, stored, and boiled down to produce syrup throughout history. He teaches how to identify a maple tree with or without its leaves. He talks about what sap is, why sugar is in it, and what makes it flow inside a tree. He also mentions how old and thick a maple tree must be to tap it. Don provides pictures on a screen showing many of the products and processes about which he speaks.

We enjoy allowing participants to “tap a tree” using a predrilled piece of tree trunk and the spiles and small hammer we provide. For schools we usually set up in an empty classroom or the school library and bring in several classes, one at a time, throughout the day. Each class requires about 40 to 50 minutes. To close our time on a sweet and tasty note, we serve ice cream with maple syrup on top—a highlight for many.