About Us

Hi Everybody,

Don Snoeyink here; I am the guy in the picture and I own and operate Thornapple Woodlands, LLC., a small, family company that promotes honey bees, honey, maple syrup making, and the awe and wonder of nature.

In about 2002 I began making maple syrup in the driveway and backyard. I find it amazing that clear, watery sap can be harvested and boiled (and boiled and boiled) to concentrate the sugars and produce sweet, golden, pure maple syrup. As I was considering increasing syrup production, a friend introduced me to beekeeping. He thought I should keep bees. I think he was right.

In 2006 I started keeping bees and it unleashed in me a craving for knowledge and skills about all things related to honey bees and beekeeping. I have learned much through the years, and part of the beauty of beekeeping is there is always more to know. What an amazing adventure it has been! This website and its contents are a result of just a portion of the wonderful things that have happened to me because of honey bees. Thanks so much for your participation. I am humbly grateful.

2021 Thornapple Woodlands, LLC.

Thanks to Kayla Marie Videography for many of the beautiful images on this website.