It is a thrill for me to visit libraries and provide entertaining, fast paced presentations that keep the interest of all participants. In general I recommend ages 6 and up but if a library wants a very young children's show that can be done, too. My presentations appeal to children, teens/tweens and adults and I thoroughly enjoy speaking to family audiences, too. I adjust my presentation content and style to match the ages of those in attendance.

If your library participates in the annual reading program theme, I offer specialized program content and titles to incorporate the theme into my programs if that is something your library desires.

Advertising write-ups and pictures are available to make promotion of our programs a breeze.

Presentation options: In person (when allowed), online prerecorded, online live, online prerecorded with an online live question and answer session afterwards.

If your library is involved with the Mideastern Michigan Library Co-op please book through MMLC.

Independent libraries and those in a co-op at whose showcase event I have not performed can contact me directly for pricing and availability.

Invite me to perform at your Library Co-op Showcase Event and receive special showcase event pricing for all libraries in the co-op.

Thank you for your interest in our presentations!

Here is a four minute video highlighting our Tails and Tales themed presentations for 2021

You are a great speaker, and you made your presentation very understandable and interesting. – Library Patron
2021 Thornapple Woodlands, LLC.

Thanks to Kayla Marie Videography for many of the beautiful images on this website.