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12oz Honey Bear ~ $5.99 each + shipping and handling

The 12oz honey bear contains honey from our own meticulously cared for honey bees. Due to the local floral sources of nectar, our honey bees produce the best tasting honey in the world. Yes, I am completely biased, but I have tasted honey from around the country and the world and I like “mine” the best. Each honey harvest tastes a little different based on the floral sources the bees used for nectar collection.

1.25oz Beeswax Skin Care ~ $5.99 each + shipping and handling

I keep our beeswax skin care on my nightstand to apply to the wintertime dry, cracked, sometimes bleeding skin near my fingernails. The beeswax skin care seems to help almost overnight, usually rendering it unnecessary to apply any other products. It is great for use on dry, itchy, flaky, or cracked skin.
Available in Lavender or Peppermint.


.15oz Beeswax Lipbalm ~ $2.99 each + shipping and handling

Many men and women love our peppermint beeswax lip balm saying it keeps their lips moist (but not shiny/glossy) longer than other lip moisturizers they have used. These .15oz tubes make great gift ideas. Consider buying one for each family member so you don't have to share.

Votive Candle ~ $1.99 each + shipping and handling (limited quantity)

A 2oz votive candle standing just shy of 2 1/2” tall and just under 1 1/2” at its base will grace any space with a simple, free standing beauty unlike any other candle. You may treasure these little gems so much it will be hard to set a match to their wicks.

Skep Candle ~ $5.99 each + shipping and handling (limited quantity)

The large honey bee skep candle is hand poured using 5oz of pure, filtered beeswax. Its 2 1/2” wide base and its 3” height lend added security while in use along with great visibility as a standalone home ornament or a beacon of light.

Bear With Skep Candle ~ $4.99 each + shipping and handling (limited quantity)

Our small bear with skep candle contains 2oz of beeswax and is the pride of any mantle with its elegance and charm. Standing 2 3/4” tall and nearly 2” wide it is hand poured with pure, filtered beeswax.

1oz Beeswax Bars ~ $0.99 each + shipping and handling

Our 1oz filtered beeswax bars are perfect for many homemade crafts. At 3” by 1 1/8” at the base and 1/2” tall, they are simple to use. Carpenters, fly fishermen, bow hunters, and recreational gun owners will find many uses for these pure beeswax bars.

1lb Beeswax Bricks ~ $12.99 each + shipping and handling

If you have beeswax craft ideas of your own and want to buy beeswax in bulk, this is the way to go. Our one pound beeswax block is filtered and ready for your use. Plus, it looks great on a shelf or mantle.